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Contemporary Jewish Art from Yitzchok Moully

Yitzchok Moully creates distinctive pieces of Contemporary Jewish Art that combines the bright, bold colors prevalent in pop art with the timeless and sophisticated images of Judaica and the Jewish people. Moully’s original screen prints utilize ink and acrylic paints to represent traditional Judaica art themes for a modern generation.

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Jewish Art Inspired by Tradition and Modernity

As a child, Jewish artist Yitzchok Moully was exposed to a world of creative thinkers. Moully developed a connection with the world of art and with time become a part of it, finding his inspiration in silk-screening in particular. He took his passion for his religion as a Rabbi and incorporated it into his art.

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Revitalizing Culture in Contemporary Jewish Art

Inspite living in the twenty first century, with all its distractions and opportunities, it is clear that the rocks that hold the Jewish communities together can never be broken. In fact, it is these traditions that propel us forward and drive us to strive toward bettering ourselves and being the light unto others.

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