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Chassidic pop art is a creative new approach to traditional Chassidic and Jewish art. Combining bright bold color with warm, timeless Judaic and Chassidic images, the artist intertwines the history and deep culture of the Chassidic world with the bright and colorful world we live in today.

The Artist:

Yitzchok Moully

moully profile pic

As a child Rabbi Yitzchok Moully’s upbringing was off the beaten path.

Raised by former hippies, Moully was exposed to far more color than one would expect in the rigorously orthodox Chassidic community.

Moully’s formal education in day schools in Australia and later at the Rabbinical College of America did not include formal art classes but his inner passion yearned for expression.

After dabbling in various forms of art Moully found an expression for his creativity in the silkscreen process.

Moully’s art contrasts strong Judaic and Chassidic images with vibrant bold colors to create a startling combination which he describes as “Chassidic Pop Art”.

Moully’s art reveals that the essence of Chassidic thought is far from black and white.

Under the black hat there is a wealth of vibrant colorful energy waiting to be released.

Moully is the Youth Rabbi at the Chabad Jewish Center in Basking Ridge NJ, where he resides together with his wife Batsheva and five children, a Rabbi by day and an artist by night.


All Artwork displayed on the site are available for sale. Sizes are listed below each piece. Limited edition numbered and signed prints are available for sale. To purchase a painting online Click Here. To commission an original painting contact Moully.

Host an evening of Jewish art:

Raise funds for your synagogue, organization or center with an evening of art.
Bring Moully and his work to your center for an art sale fundraiser with a portion of proceeds going to benefit the charity of your choice.
Moully will travel with his work, speak about his art and inspirations and help you raise funds through the sale of art.
For more information click here.